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Búsqueda Impresionante (Impressive Quest)
(The Quest x Ley Clase)
15.2 Black w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly


Imagine Me Regal-Regal
(Regal Roman x Imagine Me Cute)
1/17/07 15.3 Black w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly
Western Performance
I am hoping that this filly will follow in her paternal half-brother's footsteps and become a champion on the TAHA circuit. Regal will be one to watch out for in the halter classes this year.
Double The Cream-Cream
(Dunn With Cream x Double R Easy)
15.3 Dun w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly
Stock Racing/Western Games/Jumper
Cream has all the speed in the world. By a World Champion gaming horse and out of a stakes winning mare, Cream will burn up whatever discipline she is put in.

Lady Cash-Lady

(Cash N’ Soul x Geneo Lady)

1/22/07 15.2 Bay w/ few spots Appaloosa Filly

Stock Racer/Gamer

By a World Champion and Stakes winning stallion out of a Stakes winning mare


Dunn With Effort-Effie

(Dunn With Cream x Solid Effort)

1/27/07 15.3 Dun with blanket Appaloosa Filly


By a Multiple World and Reserve World Champion Stallion out of a Grade 1 Stakes Winner


Zippo Pine Second

(Precious Second x Zippo Pine Maiden)

1/30/07 15.2 Bay with Blanket Appaloosa Filly

Racing/ Performance

By amazing race sire out of World Champion mare.

Hot Satin
2006 Bay Appaloosa Gelding
Hot Pretense x Ms. Satin N Lace
Born on March 31st at 5:30am
This boy is owned by Melissa.  Unfortunately
                                    he came out solid, so he's a gelding prospect.  He already has that low, sweepy
                                    movement that screams western pleasure horse!


Spotted Effort-Spot

(Mr. Spotted Bull x Solid Effort)

1/20/06 16h Bay Leopard Appaloosa Colt

Stock Racer

Spot is by one of the greatest stock racing sires of all time and I can’t wait to see him run then to see what he passes on to his foals.


Dunn In Rome-Rome

(Dunn With Cream x Roman Star)

1/18/06 15.3 Buckskin w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly

Western Performance/Gaming

Rome was a surprise when she came out!  We were expecting dun or bay but not buckskin!  She looks awesome and is a great little filly that has a lot of potential!


Awesome Quest-Aly

(The Quest x Awesome ‘T)

1/16/06 15.2 Black w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly


Aly is going to be an awesome halter horse because both of her parents rock at it.  We don’t see much of a performance future for her besides halter so that is where she’ll be going.


Zippo Pine Bull-Zip

(Mr. Spotted Bull x Zippo Pine Maiden)

1/15/06 15.3 Bay w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly

Stock Racer

Zip is my 2nd foal by Mr. Spotted Bull and I can’t wait to see her run.  She is really pretty and is flashy so until then she’ll be in halter classes.


Imagine Me A Playboy-Image

(Playboy Check x Imagine Me Cute)

1/14/06 16h Black w/ blanket appaloosa Filly

Western Performance

Image is a rare black appaloosa.  She isn’t rare in her color but in how she got it.  Her dad is a bay and her mom a chestnut.  Having a black horse out of those 2 colors only happens 3% of the time.  She is all performance and will be an awesome performance horse that should be an awesome western pleasure horse when she is older.


Miss Easy Bull-Missy

(Mr. Spotted Bull x Double R Easy)

1/8/06 16.1 Bay Leopard Appaloosa Filly

Stock Racer

Missy is out of the late Mr. Spotted Bull.  I’ve been waiting for all 3 of my Bull babies and she’s my first one of the year.  She should be an awesome racer as both her parents and grandparents are.


Dunn Behind-Dunn

Dunn With Cream [Been There, Dunn That] x Left Behind [LookAtWhatTheCatDraggedIn]

5.29.05 Apricot Dun with white blanket 15.3 Appaloosa Gelding-TAHA #334, TWHA #6


Sweet To Luke At-2005 16h Bay w/ Blanket Appaloosa Filly-Luke At Me X Sweet Nights-hunter-


Kiss N' Runn-2005 16h Chestnut w/ Frost Appaloosa Filly-Touching The Top (QH) x Dunn On The Runn (App) Hunt/Jump or Western Performance Prospect

Amazing Zip-Amazing Cowboy (TEAR) x Zippo Pine Maiden-1.9.05 15.2 Buckskin w. Blanket Appaloosa Filly-Born at


Hollywood Art Breaker-1.2.05 14.3 Dun w/ Blanket Appaloosa Mare-Hollywood Magic (QH) x Whatta Art Breaker



Hollywood Impression-1.2.05 15.1 Dun w/ Blanket Appaloosa Mare-Hollywood Magic (QH) x Diamonds In Morning



Houston Apache-1.17.05 15.3 Chestnut w/ Blanket App Gelding- Apache Dancing x Houston Lady-race


One Last Bear-1.27.05 15.1 Chestnut (will gray out by 6) with roaning App Colt-Bear Paw x One Last Fantasy-Western working


Colonel Quest-The Quest x Colonel Chex-3.1.05 15.2 Black w. blanket Appaloosa Filly-Born at 4:52 PM- TAHA #340


Spot’s Sizzle-Spot Federation Corp (PTEAR) x CeMeSizzle-3.1.05 15.2 Palomino leopard Appaloosa Filly


SRS Wap Em Whirlin-Wap Em Good (TEAR) x SSF Whirlin Closeness-2004 15.1 Spotted Chestnut Appaloosa Colt


SRS Wip And Wap -Wap Em Good (TEAR) x SSF Wip m Midgin-2004 WMT 15.3 Brown Blanket Appaloosa Filly-


Cash For Love- Roll The Cash x Loving Memory-2004 15.3 Palomino Snowflake App Filly-h,show, t,wr,wp,hor, hus,hse- TAHA #343


Absolutely Elusive-‘04 15.2 Chestnut Few Spot Leopard Appy Filly-Elusive Rocketfinder (TEAR) x Absolutely A Treat

western pleasure, trail, and western riding hunter under saddle- TAHA #344


Roman's Elusive Hawk-2004 15.2 Bay with a few spots on butt App Filly-Roman's Main Man x Elusive Squaw

Western pleasure, halter,youth, non pro- TAHA #345


Dunn In Ritz-2/9/04 15.1 Bay with blanket Appaloosa Filly-Puttin' On The Ritz(TEAR) x Dunn It Again(TEAR)-Gaming- TAHA #346


Spotted For Fun-WMT 16.1 2003 brown leopard Appaloosa colt- Mr. Spotted Bull x Double R Fun-racing 1-23-02- TAHA #99


Dazzle This Vision

Other World Vision x Go Dazzle em’

2003 15h Bay blanket Appy filly-halter western performance, hunt/jump (2’6)- TAHA #98


Wap em My Way-Wap em Good (TEAR) x Warm Southern Way-2003 15.2H Bay w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly

Gaming and cattle prospect-TAHA #100


The Quest- Wap Em Good(TEAR) x Mitos Cupie Doll-2003 15.1H Black w/ blanket Appaloosa Colt



Elusive Roman-2003 15.2h Bay Leopard App Gelding-Regal Roman x Elusive Squaw-wp, trail, show, wr, we- TAHA #102


Ultra Lucky- Ultra Yaya x Eyes Lucky-‘02 15.3 black with snowflake markings and hind stockings appy/arab filly-event- TAHA #103


Ultra Joker- Ultra Yaya x Ta Marionette-’02 14.2 red roan w/ blaze and four stockings appy/arab gelding-event/end/dres- TAHA #104


Fun With Spots-16h 2002 black/white leopard Appy filly- Mr. Spotted Bull x Double R Fun-Hunter, Jumper, Eventing- TAHA #105


SRS Lacy's Spark-Shining Spark x Laci-2002 15.2 palomino with blanket Appaloosa filly- TAHA #106


Dancing N Satin-Tina

2001 15.1 bay w/ roaning Appy Filly-Cloud Dancer x Ms. Satin N Lace

Showmanship, Trail, Western Riding, Western Horsemanship, gaming- TAHA #141


HSR Dream Lover

Princely Lover X Dreamspeaker-1999 14.3 light bay frosted blanket w/ blaze and 2 socks Appaloosa Mare

cutting, heeling, working cow horse, western riding, steer daubing, trail- TAHA #107


*Geneo Lady-1999 15.3h Chestnut App Filly-Blaze-Geneo JJ x Cracklin Lady-racer- TAHA #108


Dunn With Cream-Been There, Dunn That X Cookies N' Cream-‘99 15.3 Appy Stallion-Apricot Dun w/ blanket-gaming, jumping (3’6) - TAHA #109


*Imagine Me Cute-1998 15.3h Chestnut w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly-Blaze, 4 stockings-Imaginate x Cutie Image-wp,t- TAHA #110


*Double R Easy-1998 15.3h Bay App Filly-Star, 2 hind socks-Some Kinda Easy x Double R Fun-brood- TAHA #111


*Solid Effort-1998 15.3h Solid Bay App Mare-Proudest Effort (QH) x Key To My Dreams-racing/hunters- TAHA #112


Awesome 'T

1998 15.3h Bay w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly-Star, Stripe, Snip, LF stocking, 2 hind Stockings-Dream T' x Quincy's Princess

Halter, Western Pleasure, and Trail- TAHA #113


Regal Roman

1998 15.2h Black w/ blanket App Stallion-Blaze, 4 stockings

Roman's Reward(TEAR) x Regal Two Eyed(TEAR)

halter, western pleasure, trail, and western riding-not to be handled by a non-pro- TAHA #114


Roman Star

1998 15.3h Dusty Bay w/ frost App Mare-No markings

Roman's Reward (TEAR) x Social Starlette(QH)

hunter in hand, hunter under saddle, western pleasure, trail, western riding, and hunter hack (2’9)- TAHA #115


Easy Love
1998 16h Chestnut Leopard App Mare
I Love Willie x Lil Bit Easy
Love is another replica of her mom, but with longer legs, and probably even more speed!  She's sired by the great I Love Willie, and did very well on the track!  She did do hunt seat a bit and was ok at it, but showed much more talent for the gaming classes.  She competes in the barrel racing, pole bending, keyhole, figure 8, rope race, and steer daubing classes at the TAHA shows.  She is pretty well-mannered but very fast and strong, so while an experienced youth or non-pro could handle her, a beginner or intermediate rider could not.


Imagine Me Exclusive-1997 15.2 Dun Sno Cap Appy Gelding-Bald Face, 2 hind stockings-Imaginate x Exclusive Fashion-halter, western pleasure, trail, and western riding- TAHA #116


Zippo Pine Maiden- 1995 Appaloosa Mare

15.2 Hands, Bay w/ blanket, Zippo Pine Chip x Easy Maiden (x Easy Jet)

Western Pleasure, Trail, Broodmare- TAHA #117


CeMeSizzle-1995 15.2 h.h. Palomino w/ blanket, stripe-Appaloosa Mare-Gigalo's Giorgio X Skip Ago Lassi-halter, western pleasure, and trail horse - TAHA #118


Houston Jet
1990 16h Bay w/ blanket App Stallion-Star, LF Sock
Easy Jet x Moon E Rooz
Jet raced for 2 years, then retired to be a gaming horse.  He is well broke in barrels, poles, keyhole, and figure 8.  He could also do halter.  His foals are awesome on the track, and have tons of speed!  He has a great temperment, and stamps each of his foals with an easy-going, laid-back personality, especially for racing and gaming horses!  At 17yrs. old, you could retire him and just breed him, but he is sound and could run games for another year.


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