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Dolls Cowboy-Don
(Johnny Cowboy x Dolls Action)
15.2 Solid Bay Paint Gelding
Gelding Prospect/Western Prospect
Born at

Carried by Tidbits Mama Girl
I am kind of disappointed with this cross. This is a beautifully conformed colt and we are searching him for even a little spot because we can't believe this colt has no color. No matter what he should make a great youth horse and will be gelded in the next few months. He definitely looks like a western performance prospect so he'll probably be doing the western performance events and possibly no cow events.

Charismatic Son-Son
(Zip’s Charismatic Son x Amazing Dreams)
1/18/07 15.2 Red Dun Overo Paint Colt
Western Performance/Gelding Prospect
Carried by Dolly
This is our first attempt at an ET foal and Dolly had no problem foaling him but it looks kind of weird with all of her hair when he has almost none. Son just doesn’t look like stallion material so he will be gelded within the next few months. Dolly is being shipped off to a new home in
in about 3 months after we feel Son is ready to handle life on his own.

Amazing Charisma-Max
(Sonny Charisma x Amazing Dun)
1/18/07 15.2 Red Dun Overo Paint Colt
Halter/Western Pleasure
Carried by I’ll Be Good For You
This colt is the perfect example of how a stallion should look. He’s got perfect coloring, nice straight legs and perfect conformation. He may just stay a halter stallion like his daddy. This colt will be an awesome addition to my program in a few years. Max also has the correct muscle mass with not to much but just enough to look good in halter. I’m not sure if the grand son of Amazing Cowboy (TEAR) will stay a strict halter horse or if he will be shown in under saddle classes also.


Just Enough Mischief-Mischief

(Bestisjustenough x Lena’s Bita Mischief)

1/24/07 15.2 Bay Tobiano Paint Colt

All Around

Carried by Pluto Imperea

By a multiple World & Reserve Champion Stallion who has also sired numerous World Champions out of a Reserve World Champion Mare.


Amazing Jewel-Jewel

(Amazing Summer x SRS Dual Jewel)

1/21/07 15.2 Bay Tobiano Paint Colt

All Around Prospect

Carried by Lady Naime

By a multiple Reserve World Champion out of a proven show mare


Royale VIP-Royale

(VIP x Hollywood Royale)

1/21/07 15.2 Bay Tobiano Paint Filly

All Around

Carried by Annadale’s Beauty

By a multiple World and Reserve World champion out of a proven show mare.


First Down Jack-Jack

(Skeleton Jack x First Down Dixie)

2/7/07 16.1 Black Tobiano Paint Filly

Western Gaming/Cows

ET Foal

By proven stallion out of Reserve Champion mare.


Just Enough Skip-Skippy

(Just Enough Cash x Just Skippin)

2/7/07 15.2 Sorrel Overo Paint Filly

Western Performance

Carried by Ta Bey Outta Da Blue Lightning

By proven sire out of World and Reserve World Champion mare.


The Next Great Bear-Bear
(The Next Great Zip x Lahaska Bear)
1/17/07 15.2 Bay Overo Paint Filly
All Around
Bear is by the 2006 World's Best Paint and out of the dam of Attractive King. She has royal lines on both sides and will be an awesome asset to the Sunset Ridge Stables paint team.


Down Home Colors-Colors
(SSF Secondhand Handsome Colors x Down Home Bully)
15.2 Sorrel Overo Paint Colt
Gaming/Cows/Stock Racing
Carried by Desperados Moon
Colors is an awesome little colt by a great stallion and out of a Down Home Dash x Bully Bullion mare. He is an awesome stud prospect and I can't wait to show him.


Bear Rock-Bear
(Rock Bottom (TEAR)
                                    x Lahaska Bear)
2/1/06 15.3 Solid Buckskin Paint Gelding
Gaming/Western Work


Skippin Summer-Skip

(Amazing Summer x Just Skippin)

3/5/06 15.2 Buckskin Tobiano Paint Gelding

Western Performance, cow work


Great Charisma-Gary

(The Next Great Zip x Zippin’ Charisma)

1/24/06 15.1 Sorrel Overo Paint Colt

Western All Around Prospect

With the great success of Zip at the 2005 TPHA World Show I figured that this might be a great cross.  When Gary was born everyone gasped because he is a very LOUD colt and has a great attitude and conformation.  That is where he got the name, we think that he will be an AWESOME halter horse and will be able to succeed in halter if nothing else.  He has a great build and he just might stay in halter.


Johnny Black Star-Star

(Johnny Cowboy x Snicker’s Black Star)

1/21/06 16h Buckskin Overo Paint Filly

Western Prospect


By Doc, shesgotCharisma-Charisma

(Sonny Charisma x By Doc, shesgottaClu!)

1/16/06 15.3 Sorrel Overo Paint Filly

Western Performance


The Dolls Scotch
Bestisjustenough X The Kings Scotch

2006 Chestnut Tobiano Paint Filly
Cowhorse Prospect
Horse’s Image URL:


Cashin N Spots
SSH The Spots Are On Me (TEAR) X NMP Enoughofthatcash
2006 Buckskin Sabino Paint Filly


Leo's Classic Ace
2005 15.3h Sorrel Overo with sabino markings Paint Mare
Ace In The Hole(PEAR) x Leo's Impressive Classic
This filly is a great looker with all the potential in the world to be a top halter horse.  She hasn't been fitted on a ton in recent months, but is ready to continue on in someone's halter program.  This filly deserves a home where she will be strictly shown in


Justa Cosmic Doll
Bestisjustenough X Cosmiss
2005 15.3 Chestnut Tobiano Paint Filly

Discplines/Prospective Disciplines: Equitation, Hunter Under Saddle, Western Pleasure, Horsemanship, Pleasure Driving, Halter, Showmanship, Green Hunter (at age 4), Trail, Reining, Cutting

Bound For Vegas-Vegas

Scenic Jets Joak x Ms. Tashina-4.29.05 15.1 Palomino Tobiano Paint Filly-Born at 4:00 AM


Zip’s Royal Deal-Delia

The Next Great Zip x Zippin The Warmth-4.1.05 15.2 Sorrel Overo Paint Filly-1 white sock-Born at 2:32 AM



Skippin’ Glory-Glory

Cry Of Glory x Just Skippin-3.22.05 16h Sorrel Tobiano Paint Filly-Born at 4:30 AM

Speed Horse


Zip’s Black Star-Star

Zip’s Charismatic Son x Snicker’s Black Star-2.6.05 16.1 Sorrel Overo Paint Filly-Born at 5:51 AM


Magical Summer

Amazing Summer x Magical Me-1.14.05 15.2 Black Tobiano Paint Filly-Born at 5:30 AM


Calling All Zips

The Next Great Zip x Zippin Charisma-1.14.05 14.3 Bay Overo Paint Filly-Born at 6:02 AM


Sockett Cowboy

Johnny Cowboy x Sockett Shock-1.12.05 15.2 Buckskin Overo Paint Filly-Born at 5:01 AM


Charismatic Pine’s Zip-Pine

Zip’s Charismatic Son x Pine For Me Zip

3.24.05 15.3 Sorrel Overo Paint Colt-Born at 4:32 AM

Western Performance


Docs Had E Nuff
Bestisjustenough X Docs Lil Gal

2005 Sorrel Tobiano Paint Colt

Disciplines/Perspective Disciplines: Reining, Cutting, Working Cowhorse

Impressive Action-Act

I Impress The Class (PEAR) x Dolls Action-3.13.05 15.2 Dun Tovero Paint Colt-Born at 5:15 AM

Western Horse


Lahaska Cowboy-Cowboy

Johnny Cowboy x Lahaska Bear-2.16.05 15.1 Buckskin Overo Paint Colt-Born at 5:02 AM


Amazing Doc

Amazing Summer x By Doc, shesgottaclu!-1.14.05 15.2 Sorrel Tobiano Paint Colt-Born at 5:02 AM


SRS Bound For Fame

Been There Dun It x Ms. Tashina-March 2nd, 2004 15.1 Dun Tobiano Paint Filly


SRS Sheza Star

Comanche Thunder x Snicker’s Black Star-February 23rd, 2004 15.3 Outlined Chestnut Overo Paint Filly


Attractive King

2004 15.3 Buckskin Tobiano Paint Colt-Attractive Sandiego (PTEAR) X Lahaska Bear


SSF’s London’s Secondhand Duds “Dude”-2004 16h sorrel sabino paint gelding-SSF Secondhand Handsome Colors X Flashy Pretty London

All around


OA Golden Victory-Rebel's Victory x Nothing's Gold No More-2003 16 hh chestnut overo Thoroughbred x Paint filly-


Just Skip Da Bar-2003 15.2h Sorrel Tovero Paint Filly-Bestisjustenough x Skipa Bar Measure-western pleasure/trail


Sonny Charisma-2003 15.3h Sorrel Sabino Paint Colt-Sonny's Chosen Conclusive x Zippin' Charisma[Zippo Pine Bar]-  Western Pleasure


Boston-2003 Bay Overo Paint gelding, WMT 15.3H


Docs Best Clu

2002 15.2 Bay Tobiano Paint Gelding-Bestisjustenough X By Doc, ShesGottaClu!

Western Pleasure, Western Horsemanship, Showmanship, Trail-Youth/Non Pro


Amazing Skip- '02 Paint Filly- 15.1 hands- Amazing Cowboy(TEAR) x Justa Skippin'- Buckskin Tovero-TRCA


BestSkipaBar-2002 15.2h Sorrel Sabino Paint Filly-Bestisjustenough x Skipa Bar Measure-all around


NMP Justa Spotted Easy-2002 15.2 Sorrel Sabino Paint Filly-Bestisjustenough x Spots Lil Gal


SRS Dual Jewel-Dual Rey x Diamond Jewel Wood-2002 15.2 chestnut tobiano Paint filly


Mr. La Bamba

2002 15.1 Bay Overo Paint gelding-Mr. Exclusive (awesome sire...I'm sorry I sold him!) x Bonita Dream

all round english pros but could definately event (Jumps 3’)


Zip's Charismatic Son-2002 16h Sorrel Sabino Paint Colt-Sonny's Chosen Conclusive x Zippin' Charisma


Johnny Cowboy-"Johnny"

Amazing Cowboy (TEAR) (QH) x Justa Skippin' (Paint)-HOR-PAI-200/200115.2 hh buckskin overo Paint colt

Discipline: Halter, Western Pleasure, Cattle Horse


Amazing Summer- '01 Paint Colt- Buckskin Toniano-15.2 hands- Amazing Cowboy(TEAR) x Summer Rose-TRCA


Hollywood Royale-2000 15.2h Bay Tobiano Paint Filly-Skip N To Hollywood x HA Ebony Royale-

 wp, trail, wr, we, show,youth/non-pro hus and hunt seat equitation classes


HOR-PAI-110-Zippin The Warmth-1999 15.2h Sorrel Overo Paint Mare-Zippo Pine Bar x Warm Me Up


HOR-PAI-104-Pine For Me Zip-1999 15.3h Sorrel Overo Paint Mare-Zips Pat Pine x Docs Little Doll


HOR-PAI-141-Dolls Action-1998 15.2h Bay Tovero Mare-Doc Doll x Skip D Action-

halter, cowhorse, youth


The Next Great Zip-1998 15hh Bay Overo Paint Stud-Zippit x Lillith Fare


Up in Smoke

Speak of Whiz x Smokin Chex-1998 15.3 Black Overo Paint Gelding

Working Cowhorse/Halter/Trail/Reining


Snicker's Black Star-Vega Deck x Page Girl-1998 16.2 bay overo paint mare-TRCA


HOR-PAI-143-Just Skippin-1997 15.2h Sorrel Sabino Paint Mare-Just In Time x Daddy's Butterfly-halter, showmanship, trail, horsemanship, and western pleasure


Magical Me - 1995 Mare - Black Overo Paint - 15.2 hands - Twist Of Blue Magic x Why Me?-All-around


By Doc, shesgottaClu!-1994 15.3h Sorrel Sabino Paint Mare-Sonny's Chosen Conclusive x Miss Doc's Dollie-

halter, wp, trail, wr


Lahaska Bear

1994 15.3 Tricolor Bay Overo Paint Mare-Lahaska King X O'Plaudits Bearish Entrance-broodmare, halter, in hand


Sockett Shock-1993 15.3h Sorrel Sabino Paint Mare-Sockett x Zippo Pine Shock

western pleasure and trail


Ms.Tashina-Just Sizzlin x Benevolent Babe-1991 14.3 bay tobino Paint mare-


Zippin' Charisma-1991 15.2h Sorrel Sabino Paint Mare-Zippo Pine Bar x The Charismatic Gal

wp, trail, wr

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