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Thunder Under D Stars
2001 16.3h Black Thoroughbred Stallion
Thunder Days(TEAR) x Tinajero Star
Boomer is a stunning stallion.  This is probably one of the best Thunder Days foals ever, to rival Raven's Distant Thunder(REAR) and Awesome Thunder.  He has perfect conformation, and awesome speed to boot!  This could very well be the next Thunder Days in the breeding shed as well.  He has been raced.  This stallion could return to the track, or he could be retired to the breeding shed right now.  We originally did not want him retrained for anything as he's so valuable and such a nice racer, but he keeps disappearing so doesn't have a huge record.  So if you'd like to try him in steeplechasing, we would not object.  If he isn't racing though in some way, he should be breeding. His bloodlines include Mr. Prospector and Secretariat (sires of his parents).


Expressive - #2850

2001 16.3hh Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare



War Time-Battlecry x Point Of Honor-2001 15.3 chestnut Thoroughbred filly- Racing


Lovely Dancer-Jazzy Dancer x I Need Love-HOR-THB-839/2001 16hh bay thoroughbred colt-Racing


Windfall's Orbit's Faith-‘01 15.3 Bay w/ blaze, right fore &  hind socks TB Mare-Show Me The Faithful Night x Orbit's Odyssey


Windfall's Fall Into Glory-March To Glory x Fallen Star-01 16.2 bay w/ two hind socks and a blaze TB Mare


Windfall's Simply Grace-Show Me The Faithful Night x Orbit's Odyssey-‘02 16.3 chestnut w/ a star & 2 hind socks TB Mare


A Cherokee Kiss- '02 TB Filly- Cherokee Run x Lips For Kissin'- 16 hands- Black w/ wide blaze, 4 socks- Racing


Wire To Wire- 2002- Palomino Thoroughbred filly with 1 sock and a snip- Seattle Slew x Bold Run[Bold Ruler]


Yellow Brick Road: '02 TB Filly- 15.2 Hands- Liver Chestnut w/ blaze, 4 socks- Peppermint Chok x Amaretto


All Jazzed Up- '02 Thoroughbred Filly- Dapple Gray- 16 Hands- Jazzy Dancer x All My Pride- Racing


All My Pride: '02 Thoroughbred Filly- 16.1 Hands- Bay w/ star, socks- Jazzy Dancer x Dancing Roses


Show Me Brazil- 2002 16hh Dark bay Thoroughbred Colt- star,socks-Backstreet Alleykat x Faithful Dancer-Racing


Harlem Star- '02 TB Colt- Backstreet Alleykat x Red October- 16.1 Hands- Bright Bay w/ wide star, stripe, snip


Ojos De Brazil- '02 TB Colt- 16.2 Hands- Dark Bay- Backstreet Alleykat  x Silver De Rose[Silver Iceciles]


Emerald City- '02 Thoroughbred Colt- 16 Hands- Peppermint Chok x Sweet Lurline- Slate Gray w/ star, snip, socks


Sabotage-2002 16.2 Gray Thoroughbred Colt-Steel City Blues x Whisper Innocent


Wizard Of Oz- '02 Thoroughbred Colt- 16 Hands- Chestnut w/ star, snip, socks- Peppermint Chok x Forget Me Not


Capture the Moonlight-2002 16.3 Black Thoroughbred Colt- Sticky Fellow x Don't Wait


Indy Times-Indy Rising x Times of
                                    Song by Unbridled-2003 Bay Thoroughbred Colt, 16.3H
Times is a big strong colt who needs an experienced handler when being worked on
                                    the track. He loves to have his own way but isn't getting the necessary commitment that he deserves. He has started once,
                                    back when he was
a 2yo, and was still very gangly. Times has now grown into his long legs and has the pedigree that says 'champion'.
                                    His sire, Indy Rising, has sired both the 2004 and 2005 Belmont Stakes winners. If you are looking for a horse who
can run all day long on dirt or turf,
                                    this may be it!


Speedy Red-2003 16.1h Chestnut TB Gelding-Blaze-Money's Red Raven(TEAR) x Speedy Cat
Speedy's race record so far is 14th, 4th, 9th, 10th for earnings of $1,560, that was through earlier last year and he has raced quite a bit more since then. In workouts he seems to be much better on turf, so we were planning on giving him a try on turf.  He seems to be a bit of a late maturer, his first time out he ran extremely green, but he's gotten better each time out.  Speedy is extremely well bred, with his sire being a Preakness winner who is sired by TROT's great Show Me The Money(TEAR) and out of the equally great broodmare Raven(TBEAR-Elite). Speedy's mother is a producer of stakes winning foals, and she herself has also been a winning jumper.  Speedy Cat is sired by Tobasco Cat and out of a daughter of Seattle Slew.  After his track career, this boy could probably be a nice jumper or Steeplechaser.


OA Jericho's Momentum- Jericho 48 x Mentilum Kilda-HOR-THB-776/2003 16.1 chestnut thoroughbred colt-Racing in


Silver Dancer-2003-Thoroughbred-Colt-Chestnut with star, socks-16.1 Hands-Jazzy Dancer x Silver De Oop-Racing


Show And Tell-Show Me The Nightmares X Miss Impossible-2003 Black Sabino TB colt, WMT 17hh, racer


Black Market-2003 Thoroughbred Colt Bay with blaze, stockings 16 Hands-Alleykat x Go For Rings-Racing


Fleetwood’s Impressive-2003 Thoroughbred Colt Bay 16hh-Courageous Impression x Fleetwood Joy-Racing


Courageous Sunday-2003 TB Filly Chestnut w/ star, snip 16.1-Courageous Impression x Golden Sunday-Racing


American Heartbreak-2003 Thoroughbred Filly Light bay-My American Hero X Gambler's Heartbreak-European Racing


My Treasure-'03 Thoroughbred Filly-Gray w/ star, socks-16 Hands-Jazzy Dancer x Pins N' Needles-Racing


Semi Formal-'03 TB Filly-Brown-16.2 Hands-Money's Red Raven x Semi Charmed-Racing


Show Me Night-'03 Thoroughbred Filly-Black w/ blaze, 4 socks-15.2 Hands-Eclipse x Faithful Dancer-Racehorse


2003 Filly 
                                    Alleycat X Glorygirl 
Free Fall    
Battlecry Of Freedom X Overflow   
2004 Buckskin TB colt, 15.3.
Unraced, but ready to start.


Silver Flames [Silver Icicles (TEAR-ELITE) X FireFly] 04 Chestnut Sabino TB colt 15.3HH

Racing/Sporthorse Prospect


+Double Take 
Valet Parking X SSF Deloro Hanjora
2004 Chestnut Thoroughbred Colt, WMT 16.1HH

Mr. Fleetwood X April's Fool [Abril (BRZ)]
2004 Chestnut Thoroughbred colt, 16.3HH.
-12/12 Maiden Race, 2yo Colts/Geldings, 4f Dirt
Fleet is a quick learner and eager to please, but tends to get really
overwhelmed when presented with something outside his comfort zone.
He needs a lot of experience working on the main tracks, in front of
the crowds, and with other horses in a variety of situations before
he'll be comfortable in a race. After his first race, we took him


Precious Thunder-January 13th, 2004 Light Bay Thoroughbred Colt-Precious Second x Mystic Thunder


SRS Son of Jazz-Jazzy Dancer x Amaretto-February 7th, 2004 Chestnut Thoroughbred Colt


Kissable Dancer-2004 Thoroughbred Filly- 16.1 Hands- Black w/ star, socks- Jazzy Dancer x Lips For Kissin'


SRS Jazzy Bell-Jazzy Dancer x Sound The Bell-January 21st, 2004 Chestnut Thoroughbred Filly


Heart Of It All-2004 grey Thoroughbred filly-(Plenty Of It X Heart of the Ocean (TEAR) )



[Flame Thrower X Gimme Some Bubbly]

2004 Bay TB filly




Yes, she's a little on the small side. But her sire is an inch shorter, at 14.1HH, and he won the Triple Crown! Wish is a huge horse in a tiny package. She's super fast, and has more heart than any horse twice her size, and she will win for you!


Raven's A'Glitter-Money's Red Raven X Shale Valley-2004 15.2 Chestnut Sabino w/ Blaze, 4 Stockings TB filly-Racing/Eventing


Steel City Sweep-Steel City Blues X Champagne Sweep-2004 16.1 Chestnut w/ Star, 4 socks Thoroughbred Filly-Racing


.Bird's Eye View [Money's Red Raven X Show Me The Lightning] 04 Chestnut TB filly 16.1HH

Sporthorse Prospect (Could possibly race, but was not bred for it)


High Flyer-2004 16h Gray Thoroughbred Colt-High Court x Fly By Me-Born on February 1st at 4:23am-Steeplechase


Foxie Perfection-3/19/04 Bay going gray Thoroughbred Filly-OAEC Aspiring Perfection x Foxie Roxie-Hunter



Royally Dancing
2005 Chestnut Thoroughbred filly
(Royal Courage X Ally's Dancer)
This pretty filly is tall, lean and has a lot of flashy white markings that will make her stand out in any crowd. She has four white socks and a big, bold star on her forehead. She's extremely intelligent, you can tell by looking into her eyes. She is a fast learner and really enjoys' being worked with. I think she will be quite the easy horse to train, and she will give her heart into every race. Her breeding is excent, with her dam being a daughter of Alysheba.


Cryptic Pegasus
2005 dark bay Thoroughbred filly, bright white stripe on face.
(Champion Crypto X Pegasus)
This filly is absoloutely gorgeous. She has a dark presence to her that is hard not to fall in love with. Her personality is kind of mysterious in a way, and she can intimidate the other yearlings she is turned out with. This intimidation factor could work in her favor on the track. We've worked a lot with our yearlings on their ground manners, and she is well trained on the ground, but I wouldn't be surprised if she would get a little cocky sometimes, and may try to use her intimidation skills on people. She will definatley need to go to an experienced trainer, someone who could correct
her quickly if she were to ever get disrespectful. I can also see her being a handful under saddle, and with the right training, I think that she'll end up being quite the racehorse.


Simply Courage [Courageous Audacious X Champagne Sweep] 05 Bay TB filly 16.1HH

Racing prospect


.My Attorney [Law Enforcement (TEAR) X Smiling Fleetwood] 05 Black TB colt 16.3HH

Racing/Sporthorse Prospect


Strike And Shoot

2005 16.1h Chestnut Thoroughbred Filly

Strike The Bronze x Shoot And Scoot

Born on January 10th at 7am

I looked through my list of weanlings this year and I have so many race

prospects, some have to go.  Shooter is a top bred filly, with her parents both

having been triple crown runners who did decently in those races.  Both of

Shooter's parents are well known throughout TROT in the racing community.  Shooter's

half-sister, Shoot N Second, has been a top 3yr. old filly this year, and

Shooter should be just as good!


A Fleet Love-Fleet

A Fleets Dancer x I Need Love-3.9.05 16.2 Gray Thoroughbred Filly-Born at 9:02 AM


Silver Brew (IRE)

Silver Icicles (TEAR) x Amaretto-1.4.05 16.1 Bay Thoroughbred Filly-Born at 7:05 am


Courageous Number

Courageous Impression x Lucky Number-1.9.05 16.1 Dapple Gray Thoroughbred Filly-Born at 5:01 AM


Show Me The Bell

Show Me The Nightmares x Sound The Bell-1.13.05 16.2 Black Thoroughbred Filly-Born at 5:02 AM


Albert’s Dream-Ally

Albert The Great x Another Dream-2.7.05 16.3 Chestnut Thoroughbred Filly-Born at 5:30 AM


By A Secret-Secret

By A Nose x Secrets Abound-2.8.05 16.1 Dapple Gray Thoroughbred Filly-Born at 5:02 AM


Victorious X Spirited Jaclyn [Native Prospector]
2005 Brown Thoroughbred Colt, 16HH.
Solid in his groundwork, Victor is rady to be broke for the track in
the fall. He's a bit harder to handle than the other yearlings, but
nothing an experienced trainer won't be able to handle. With his
breeding, he's also a -top- stud prospect.


By A Day-Dandy

By A Nose x A*Odette-2.11.05 16.2 Black Thoroughbred Colt-Born at 5:02 AM


High Rings

High Court x Go For Rings-1.10.05 16.1 Chestnut Thoroughbred Colt-Born at 5:02 am


Fusaichi Ruler (IRE)-Ruler

Fusaichi Pegasus x Baby Face-2.7.05 17.2 Gray Thoroughbred Colt-Born at 5:02 AM


Lucky Aptitude-Aptitude

Aptitude x Wish Me Luck-2.7.05 16.2 Black Thoroughbred Colt-Born at 6:02 AM



By Your Love-Bye

(By A Nose x I Need Love)

2/21/06 16.2 chestnut turning Gray Thoroughbred Colt


Bye is out of the great mare I Need Love (dam of Lovely Dancer) by By A Nose (winner of the UAE Derby).  He screams racing on both sides and has the potential for a triple crown win or he could even be a turf horse, we’ll see which way he goes in 2008.


Smart Point-Smarty

(Smarty Jones x Point Taken)-1/1/06 WMT 16.3 Bay Thoroughbred Colt-Dirt Racer


Alberts Bell-Albert

(Albert The Great x Sound The Bell)

1/8/06 16.1 Black Thoroughbred Colt

Dirt Racer

Albert is a huge colt.  He has already discovered how to run and runs around the field and stall.  He is independent and is only around his mom to eat.


Fast Coffee-Coffee

(Fasliyev x Amaretto)

1/16/06 15.3 Bay Thoroughbred Filly

Turf Racer

Coffee is a beautiful filly.  Her sire was a sprinter and was also good on turf so it’ll be interesting to see what she wants to do.


Academy Ring-Ring

(Academy Award x Go For Rings)

1/16/06 17.1 Chestnut Thoroughbred Colt

Dirt Racer

When Ring was born everyone gasped!  He is a huge baby; at just 1 day old he stands almost to his dam’s neck.  We have no idea how she got him out safely but there were no problems with either the pregnancy or the foaling.  We had a vet check her and absolutely nothing is wrong with her which is amazing!


Don’t Wanna Lose My Angel-Angel

(Don’t Wanna Lose You Now x Monte’s Last Angel)

1/19/06 16.1 Bay Thoroughbred Filly


Angel has the graceful look of a racer and will be an awesome one.  She’ll prove to everyone that her sire is an awesome race sire and will be one to watch coming through the ranks!


Free Number-Number

(Free House x Lucky Number)

1/20/06 16.1 Gray Thoroughbred Filly

Dirt Racer

Number is one of the last foals out of the great Free House.  I can’t wait until 2008 to see her race!


Roman Dream-Rome

(Fusaichi Pegasus x Another Dream)

1/22/06 16.1 Bay Thoroughbred Colt

Dirt Racer

Rome is an interesting colt.  He looks exactly like his sire and from what I’ve heard he acts exactly like him to which should be a great sign.


All Babies Cry-Babe

(Alzao x Baby Face)

1/22/06 16.3 Bay Thoroughbred Colt

Dirt Racer

This colt has royal breeding.  His sire’s lines include Northern Dancer as a grandsire on his paternal side and Pocahontas as a grandmother on his maternal while his dam’s lines include Secretariat as her sire and Bold Ruler as her grandsire.  This is royal breeding to the hilt and I can’t wait to see what he does on the track!


Unbridled Luck-Bridled

(Unbridled’s Song x Wish Me Luck)

1/22/06 16.1 Gray Thoroughbred Colt

Dirt Racer

Bridled could possibly be one of the best-bred racers in TROT.  He is out of a mare by Black Night and by a stallion by Unbridled.  He has 6 great generations to back him up and should be a speed demon on the track!


Secret Dancer-Dancer

(Danehill Dancer x Secrets Abound)

1/24/06 16h Gray Thoroughbred Filly

Turf Racer

Dancer has royal lines and after she is done racing I’m excited to see what she produces.  On her sire’s side you have Danzig, Northern Dancer, Natalma 2x, Buckpasser, and Native Dancer 4x.  On her dam’s side you have Polish Numbers, again you have Danzig (which goes back to the Nothern Dancer line), you have Buckpasser again, you have Storm Cat, and you have Seattle Slew!  She is line bred up the hilt and I’m not super happy with how many times there are certain horses but I’m still excited to see her race then pass on her talent.



(Saf x A*Odette)

1/26/06 16.2 Black Thoroughbred Colt

Classic Racing

Sat is already a fast colt that loves to run.  At only 2 hours old he was running around his stall and we can’t wait until we turn him out to see how he does in a field!


Visions of Sunsets - (not yet registered in databse)
2006 Palomino Thoroughbred Filly, 16.1hh (wmt)
Sunset Lover x Vision
Eventing Prospect
"Vision" is drop-dead gorgeous! Her stand-out color is sure to catch the judge's eye. A very nice prospect as well. She's got the bloodlines of an eventing champion!


Midnight Luck-Lucky
(Midnight Glory x Wish Me Luck)
17h Chestnut Thoroughbred Filly
Born at

This is an awesome filly. Her grandsire is March To Glory and her dam is a daughter of Black Nite. Lucky should burn up the track in 2009 and she already has a ton of speed even with her new legs. After she is done on the race track she'll probably go to the eventing arena or maybe even to the dressage arena.

Courageous Point-Courage
(Courageous Star x Point Taken)
1/15/07 16.2 Brown Thoroughbred Filly
The second foal out of Point Taken is by an awesome TROT stallion. I am excited to see how this filly develops as her older half brother Smart Point (x Smarty Jones) is a beautiful thoroughbred and she has alot of his features.


By Thunder-Bye
(By A Nose x Mystic Thunder)
1/17/07 16.1 Gray Thoroughbred Filly
Bye has awesome lines by a Grade One stakes winner and out of a mare with blue blood lines. I can't wait to see Bye on the track in 2009.


By A Dream-Amy
(By A Nose x Another Dream)
16.1 Sorrel Thoroughbred Filly
I was kind of disappointed when Amy came out. I was hoping for either a chestnut or a gray but she came out sorrel. We don’t think she’ll gray out since she has no gray characteristics but as long as she’s fast that’s all that matters. She is the second foal out of By A Nose’s third foal crop and I think it will be interesting to see how she compares to her other siblings by this sire.

Brush With Victory-Brush
(Show Me The Victory x Brush With Dawn)
1/18/07 16h Black Thoroughbred Filly
Brush is from 2 TROT elite families and she has the potential to go far in the racing world and be an event after she retires from the track. Brush is also the first foal we have by Show Me The Victory and if he keeps siring correct foals like her then I believe we will have the next Silver Icicles and Jazzy Dancer on our hands as a sire.


I Need Stars-Star

(March To The Stars x I Need Love)

2/7/07 16.2 Bay (turning gray) Thoroughbred Filly


By great stallion out of dam of Lovely Dancer.


Don’t Wanna Lose Rings-Wanda

(Don’t Wanna Lose You Now x Go For Rings)

1/31/07 15.3 Chestnut Thoroughbred Filly


By multiple world champion stallion out of great racehorse producer.


Lucky Time-Time

(Time For Champagne x Lucky Numbers)

2/3/07 17.3 Chestnut turning gray Thoroughbred Filly


By World Champion stallion out of proven race mare.


Monte’s Last Midnight-Midnight

(Stroke of Midnight x Monte’s Last Angel)

2/4/07 16.2 Black Tobiano Thoroughbred Filly


By proven stallion out of race winner.


Raven’s Bold Thunder-Thunder

(Raven’s Distant Thunder x Baby Face)

1/22/07 16.3 Brown Thoroughbred Colt


Thunder has great bloodlines on both sides going back to Bold Ruler 2x on his dam’s side and having the great Raven’s Distant Thunder (Thunder Days(TEAR) x Raven(TBEAR-Elite)) as his sire.  This colt screams Triple Crown and he’s fast enough to do it.


Victory Bell-Victor

(Show Me The Victory x Sound The Bell)

1/23/07 16.1 Bay Thoroughbred Colt


Victor’s bloodlines scream racehorse.  Show Me The Victory is a stakes winning stallion and Sound The Bell’s first foal is burning up the tracks.



(As Long As You Love Me (TEAR) x Jazzy Too)

1/25/07 16.1 Chestnut Thoroughbred Colt

Turf Racing

By 1998 Breeder’s Cup Mile and 1999-2001 Breeder’s Cup Turf and out of 2005 Breeder’s Cup Turf Winner


Monte’s Secrets-Secret

(Monte’s Ashamed x Secrets Abound)

2/7/07 16.1 Gray Thoroughbred Colt

Racing/Gelding Prospect

By two proven horses


Spectacular Victory-Spec
(Show Me The Victory x Amaretto)
16h Bay Thoroughbred Colt
Spec is a great little colt. He’s fast and we have high prospects for him. He’s our 2010 Triple Crown winner, LOL! He’ll be fun to watch later on when he starts training. He looks almost exactly like his sire except for his lighter color but he is almost an identical replica of Show Me The Victory.


Magnificent Sunset-Sunset

(Magnificent Heir x Sunset Red)

3/2/07 15.3 Gray Thoroughbred Colt


This cute little colt is a people horse and can’t get enough attention.  I can’t wait to see what he’ll do on the track in a few years.


Wild Whispers - DB#1174
1999 Bay Thoroughbred Stallion, 17hh
Silver Icicles (TEAR-Elite) x Wild Fantasy
Entry Eventing
is a half-brother to Law Enforcements (TEAR).  "Willy" is off-the-track. About a month after I bought him, right when he was starting his eventing training, an injury put him in the pasture for another month. Ever since then, he's been in training, and now he's ready to compete. "Willy" is pretty much a typical off-the-track horse; wanting to run at every oppertunity. But once he gets a bit more training, he'll be an awesome eventer! The potential is there, it just needs to be 'unlocked'!


Silver Chance 'Silvia' (she is registered, I just

> don't have her

> number handy)

> Silver Icicles (TEAR) X Miss Impossible

> 2004 Gray Thoroughbred Filly 15HH.

> Sporthorse prospect.

> --Retired racer... has a race record and a bit of a

> sporthorse record

> that you'll have to compile yourself.


Ten Flat-Rockin' American Patriot x SSF Deloro Hanjora-2003 16.1 hh black TB colt-Sporthorse Prospect


Rockindellia-Rockin' American Patriot x SSF Jackindellia- 2003 16.2 Black TB filly-Hunter,Dressage


Time To Win Again-Time To Kill x Winning Strech-2001 16.1 Black Colt- Racing


Sunset Swinger -2001 Chestnut Thoroughbred Mare, 15.3hh-Sunset Lover x Swing Till Dark-Entry Eventing

Decrescendo - 2000 Black Thoroughbred Stallion, 16.2-High As A Kite x Significant Other-Preliminary Eventing


Heir To The Throne is a 1999 Grey Thoroughbred mare,

> 16.3HH, currently competing in Third Level Dressage.

> Birthright X Royal Silver


The Matrix-1999 16.2 Bay Thoroughbred Gelding-A.P. Indy x Spectacular Gift-Eclipse Winner


Monte's Ashamed-Monte Carlos (TEAR) x Unsure-1999 16.1 black Thoroughbred colt-L2 Jump, L2 Dressage


Midnight Glory- 8/10/99 17hh Black TB Stallion- March To Glory x Midnight Dancer- L4 Jumper


Time For Champagne-Time To Run X Gimmee Some Bubbly-1998 Dark Bay TB Stallion, 17.2hh-Hunters, eventing


Southern Diablo -1998 Bay Thoroughbred Stallion, 16.1-Diablo x Southern Eyes-Intermediate Eventing


Mr. Impossible : 1998 Bay TB stallion, 16.2hh.-Mission Impossible X Glorious Song-Hunters/Level 3 Dressage

Show Me the Victory -Show Me the Money (TEAR) x Calico Dreams- 1997 15.3
Dark Bay Thoroughbred Colt-Eventing

The Perfect Horse-1997 16h Black TB Gelding-Nickolas Gene Carter(TEAR) X The Perfect Fantasy-hunter, eventing,


Don't Wanna Lose You Now-{Nickolas Gene Carter (TEAR) x Winner Of My Soul [x Affirmed])-1997 15.2 Black TB Colt


By A Nose- '96 TB Stallion- Dapple Gray- 16.2 Hands- Spectacular Bid x I Spy (by Nurveyev)- Level 5 Jumper--

BCS Jessi's Joy -1996 Dapple Gray Thoroughbred Gelding -Macho Dynamo X Midnight Spark -Training Event


Sermatime-Anserma x Angel of Angel-HOR-THB-516/1996 15.2 hh bay TB gelding, Entry Eventt/ Level 3 Dressage


Up And Over - 1995 Blue Roan Thoroughbred Gelding, 16.1-Steeplechase Champ x Fox Hunt-Pre-Training Eventing

A*Odette- Swansong Prince x Thou-1994 16.2 Black TB Mares-Eventing/Preliminary, Dressage/Prix St. Georges


Battled Win-Battle Cry x Silver Light-HOR-THB-867/2001 15.2 Chestnut Thoroughbred filly-Racing

Point Taken-Battle x Take It Away-HOR-THB-868/2001 16.1 Black Thoroughbred Filly-Racing

Monte's Last Angel-Monte Carlos(TEAR) x Oh Whatta Angel-2001 16.2 Chestnut Thoroughbred Filly-In Europe

Jazzy Too- '00 Bay Thoroughbred Filly- 16.1 hands- Jazzy Dancer x And Me Too

Champagne Sweep 'Sweep' [Sweep The Field X Gimmee Some Bubbly] - 1999 Chestnut TB Mare 16HH – Broodmare

Go For Rings- 1998 16h Chestnut Thoroughbred Filly-Go For Gin x Three Ring-Ex-Racehorse, Broodmare

Sound the Bell-Battlecry  x Give Me Time-1997 16.2 Black Thoroughbred filly-Broodmare,Europe

I Need Love- Necessitate x Love is A Must -March 1st, 1996 16.2 Gray TB Mare-Broodmare

Wish Me Luck- '96 TB Mare- 16.1 Hands- Chestnut w/ star, socks- Black Nite x Libertades

Secrets Abound- '96 TB Mare- Polish Numbers x Slew The Cat (Storm Cat x Seattle Slew mare)- 16.1 Dapple Gray

Another Dream- '95 TB Mare- 16hh Chestnut w/ blaze, 4 socks- Sadler's Wells x Another Prospect (x Mr. Prospector)

So They Say 'Sadie' [Say Anything X Tally-Ho The Fox] - 1995 Dark Bay Thoroughbred Mare 16.3HH - Broodmare
Lucky Number- 1994 15.2 Dapple Gray Thoroughbred Mare- Polish Numbers x Aly's Love (x Alydar)-Broodmare

Sunset Silhouette - 1994 15.3 Palomino Thoroughbred Mare-Sunset Boulevard x Lover's Lane -Strict Broodmare

Sunset Red 'Suzie' [Red Cougar X Sunset Dream]  - 1994 Gray Thoroughbred Mare 15.3HH - BRoodmare



TROT # 591

Princess Inspiration
TB Mare
16 .2 h.h.
OAEC Unexpected Inspiration (TEAR) X Princess Proud
broodmare only
This is a very pretty mare and an easy breeder. She was a promising jumping
prospect until a bad fall ended her showing career. She will produce great
jumpers for anyone's breeding program. This year she threw an appaloosa filly for
me (Frizzy Princess). She also has a black tobiano colt (not owned by me)
named Gypsy Inspiration.



Baby Face- '90 TB Mare- 16.2 Hands- Chestnut w/ bald face, stockings- Secretariet x Emblazened (x Bold Ruler)

Amaretto- '89 TB Mare- Spectacular Bid x Ambivalant (x Northern Dancer)- 16.1 hands- Bay w/ blaze, four socks

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