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Al Ibn Kaleem-Kaleem

(Muta’Kaleem x Al Ibn Cadence)

1/12/07 15.1 Bay turning Strawberry Gray Anglo-Arabian Colt


Kaleem is a cute little colt that will be a future stud.  His bloodlines are royal and he’s got the look that screams stallion potential.  He’s bay now but you can see that he will turn gray and it will be almost a rose color.  I’m excited to see what he’ll look like later on.



Spectacular Victory-Spec

(Show Me The Victory x Amaretto)

1/20/07 16h Bay Thoroughbred Colt


Spec is a great little colt.  He’s fast and we have high prospects for him.  He’s our 2010 Triple Crown winner, LOL!  He’ll be fun to watch later on when he starts training.



Charismatic Son-Son

(Zip’s Charismatic Son x Amazing Dreams)

1/18/07 15.2 Red Dun Overo Paint Colt

Western Performance/Gelding Prospect

Carried by Dolly

This is our first attempt at an ET foal and Dolly had no problem foaling him but it looks kind of weird with all of her hair when he has almost none.  Son just doesn’t look like stallion material so he will be gelded before he is weaned.



Amazing Charisma-Max

(Sonny Charisma x Amazing Dun)

1/18/07 15.2 Red Dun Overo Paint Colt

Halter/Western Pleasure

Carried by I’ll Be Good For You

This colt is the perfect example of how a stallion should look.  He’s got perfect coloring, has nice straight legs and perfect conformation.  He may just stay a halter stallion like his daddy.  This colt will be an awesome addition to my program in a few years.



By A Dream-Amy

(By A Nose x Another Dream)

1/18/07 16.1 Sorrel Thoroughbred Filly


I was kind of disappointed when Amy came out.  I was hoping for either a chestnut or a gray but she came out sorrel.  We don’t think she’ll gray out since she has no gray characteristics but as long as she’s fast that’s all that matters.



Raven’s Bold Thunder-Thunder

(Raven’s Distant Thunder x Baby Face)

1/22/07 16.3 Brown Thoroughbred Colt


Thunder has great bloodlines on both sides going back to Bold Ruler 2x on his dam’s side and having the great Raven’s Distant Thunder (Thunder Days(TEAR) x Raven(TBEAR-Elite)) as his sire.  This colt screams Triple Crown and he’s fast enough to do it.



Brush With Victory-Brush

(Show Me The Victory x Brush With Dawn)

1/18/07 16h Black Thoroughbred Filly


Brush is from 2 TROT elite families and she has the potential to go far in the racing world and be an event after she retires from the track.



Hall Of Cats-Cat

(Hall of Glass x Catington)

1/12/07 16h Brown American Warmblood Filly


Cat is bred to the hilt for eventing and as her parents show, she will be a contender at every event she’s at.



Volo’s Talent-Talent

(Volo Forever x Creative Talent)

2/29/07 15.3 Sorrel Standardbred Filly

Pacer Harness Racer

Talent is a natural pacer and loves to pace everywhere.  I am excited to see her race in 2009 on the harness circuit and look forward to her hitting the track with a bang.




(VP Haute Nikolas x Digg It)

2/21/07 15.1 Bay (graying out) Lipizzaner Filly


Hallie is a really shy filly and is always by Digg It.  She spends hours just hiding behind her mom but when they trot she has a beautiful trot.  I can’t wait to see her under saddle when she turns 3.



Divine Hall-Devin

(Hall of Glass x Divina)

3/12/07 16.1 Bay British Warmblood Colt

Number: HOR-BRW-035, 2614

Eventing/ Jumping

Devin is an outstanding colt.  He is beautiful and is definitely stallion material.  I can’t wait to see him event later on in life.



Divine Bey-Baylie

(Raja Bey (Arab) x Divine Hustler)

3/12/07 15.2 Chestnut (turning gray) Standardbred Filly

Numbers: HOR-CRS-339, 2613

Harness Racing



Dolls Cowboy-Don

(Johnny Cowboy x Dolls Action)

2/8/07 15.2 Solid Bay Paint Colt

Gelding Prospect/Western Prospect

Carried by Tidbits Mama Girl



Double The Cream-Cream

(Dunn With Cream x Double R Easy)

1/15/07 Dun w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly

Stock Racing/Western Games/Jumper



Down Home Colors-Colors

(SSF Secondhand Handsome Colors x Down Home Bully)

1/15/07 Sorrel Overo Paint Colt

Gaming/Cows/Stock Racing

Carried by Desperados Moon



Dunn With A Cry-Dunnie

(Cry of Glory x Dunn It With Glory)

1/26/07 15.2 Palomino Quarter Horse Colt


Carried by SP Stained Glass



A Certain Spark-Spark

(OAEC A Certain Outcast (TEAR) x Fairy Godmother)

1/4/07 17h Bay (turning gray) British Warmblood Colt




Impossible Whispers-Whisper

(Mr. Impossible x Fantasy Whispers)

2/16/07 16h Bay Anglo-Arabian Filly




First Down Jack-Jack

(Skeleton Jack x First Down Dixie)

2/7/07 16.1 Black Tobiano Paint Filly

Western Gaming/Cows

ET Foal



Zippos Gold Flash-Flash

(Zippos Gold Patzi x Flash Dazzle N Go)

2/29/07 14.1 Sorrel Leopard POA Colt
All Around



Lady Cash-Lady

(Cash N’ Soul x Geneo Lady)

1/22/07 15.2 Bay w/ few spots Appaloosa Filly

Stock Racer/Gamer



Don’t Wanna Lose Rings-Wanda

(Don’t Wanna Lose You Now x Go For Rings)

1/31/07 15.3 Chestnut Thoroughbred Filly




Rendezvous Time For Holly-Ren

(Rendezvous Time’s Up x Holly Aslan)

2/2/07 15h Chestnut Arabian Filly




Royale VIP-Royale

(VIP x Hollywood Royale)

1/21/07 15.2 Bay Tobiano Paint Filly

All Around

Carried by Annadale’s Beauty



Hot Thundering Day-Dannie

(Comanche Thunder x Hot Sunny Day)

1/26/07 15.3 Palomino Quarter Horse Colt

Gelding Prospect/Western Pleasure

Carried by Prairie Rose



I Need Stars-Star

(March To The Stars x I Need Love)

2/7/07 16.2 Bay (turning gray) Thoroughbred Filly




Classy Pride-Pride

(Jack Daniel’s Pride x Ima Classy Gem)

1/29/07 15.2 Chestnut Quarter Horse Colt


Carried by Hold Your Head Up High



Imagine Me Regal-Regal

(Regal Roman x Imagine Me Cute)

1/17/07 15.3 Black w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly

Western Performance



Izzie’s Accomplice-Izzie

(CME Fortune’s Accomplice x Isolde)

2/29/07 15.3 Black Friesian Colt




Gatorade Jack-Jackie

(Gatorade x Jacko)

1/25/07 15.1 Sorrel Quarter Horse Filly





(As Long As You Love Me (TEAR) x Jazzy Too)

1/25/07 16.1 Chestnut Thoroughbred Colt

Turf Racing

By 1998 Breeder’s Cup Mile and 1999-2001 Breeder’s Cup Turf and out of 2005 Breeder’s Cup Turf Winner



Just Enough Skip-Skippy

(Just Enough Cash x Just Skippin)

2/7/07 15.2 Sorrel Overo Paint Filly

Western Performance

Carried by Ta Bey Outta Da Blue Lightning



The Next Great Bear-Bear

(The Next Great Zip x Lahaska Bear)

1/17/07 15.2 Bay Overo Paint Filly

All Around



Behind The Zip-Behind

(Mr Added Zip x Left Behind)

4/26/07 15.2 Chestnut Quarter Horse Filly


Numbers: HOR-QRH-689, 2578



Just Enough Mischief-Mischief

(Bestisjustenough x Lena’s Bita Mischief)

1/24/07 15.2 Bay Tobiano Paint Colt

All Around

Carried by Pluto Imperea



Búsqueda Impresionante (Impressive Quest)

(The Quest x Ley Clase)

2/16/07 15.2 Black w/ blanket Appaloosa Filly




Love’s Sweet Astonishment-Sweetness

(To My Astonishment x Love’s Sweet Song)

3/13/07 15.2 Bay (turning gray) Lusitano Filly




Lucky Time-Time

(Time For Champagne x Lucky Numbers)

2/3/07 17.3 Chestnut turning gray Thoroughbred Filly




Dynamic Fun-Dynamo

(Dynamic Dancer x Mito Bito Fun)

1/25/07 15.2 Grullo Quarter Horse Colt

All Around

Carried by Maestoso



Mito’s Cupie Gator-Cupid

(Gatorade x Mito’s Cupie Doll)

1/20/07 15.3 Black Quarter Horse Filly




Monte’s Last Midnight-Midnight

(Stroke of Midnight x Monte’s Last Angel)

2/4/07 16.2 Black Tobiano Thoroughbred Filly




Forever Love-Four

(Volo Forever x Moonlove)

1/29/07 15.3 Gray Standardbred Colt

Harness Racing



By Thunder-Bye

(By A Nose x Mystic Thunder)

1/17/07 16.1 Gray Thoroughbred Filly




Skipped Cash-Skip

(Dash For Cash x NSF Already Skipped)

2/4/07 16h Sorrel Quarter Horse Colt


Carried by Painted For You



Cash N’ Perks-Perk

(Cash N’ Soul x On The Money Perk)

1/31/07 15.2 Bay Quarter Horse Filly


Carried By Russian Lady



Courageous Point-Courage

(Courageous Star x Point Taken)

1/15/07 16.2 Brown Thoroughbred Filly




Runnin Outta The Storm-Stormy

(Steppin Outta The Storm x Running Torch)

1/9/07 15.3 Black Standardbred Colt

Gelding Prospect/Harness Racing



Monte’s Secrets-Secret

(Monte’s Ashamed x Secrets Abound)

2/7/07 16.1 Gray Thoroughbred Colt

Racing/Gelding Prospect



Silver Hat-Hattie

(Magician’s Hat x Silver Screen)

1/15/07 15.2 Gray Morgan Filly

Dressage/ Eventing



Thundering Saying-Saying

(Perfect Thunder x So They Say)

6/11/07 16.3 Dark Bay Thoroughbred Colt




Dunn With Effort-Effie

(Dunn With Cream x Solid Effort)

1/27/07 15.3 Dun with blanket Appaloosa Filly




Victory Bell-Victor

(Show Me The Victory x Sound The Bell)

1/23/07 16.1 Bay Thoroughbred Colt




Amazing Jewel-Jewel

(Amazing Summer x SRS Dual Jewel)

1/21/07 15.2 Bay Tobiano Paint Colt

All Around Prospect

Carried by Lady Naime



Magnificent Sunset

(Magnificent Heir x Sunset Red)

3/2/07 15.3 Gray Thoroughbred Colt




Just A Simple Fantasy

(Simple Majesty x Tanbark’s Just A Fantasy)

2/4/07 16.2 Chestnut Saddlebred Colt

Three Gaited



Watcha’ Cash

(Dash For Cash x Watcha’ Like)

2/10/07 16.1 Dun Quarter Horse Colt




What’s Been Checked

(Playboy Check x What’s Been Dunn)

2/16/07 15.3 Bay Quarter Horse Filly

All Around



Midnight Luck

(Midnight Glory x Wish Me Luck)

2/8/07 17h Chestnut Thoroughbred Filly




Zippo Pine Second

(Precious Second x Zippo Pine Maiden)

1/30/07 15.2 Bay with Blanket Appaloosa Filly

Racing/ Performance


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