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Catington-HOR-WRB-0471990 Bay American Warmblood Mare, 16H


Dire Trust Required-1993 16.1 Black Barb mare-Show Jumping, Dressage (Training)-TRBA


Princely Trust-Princely Strength x Dire Trust Required-1.14.05 16h Black Barb Filly-Born at 6:30 AM


British Lark HOR-BRW-018

16.1 hh dark bay British Warmblood mare

Unknown 2001

A True Brit x Tenacity Is My Word

Disciplines: Pre-Green hunters


Hall Of Glass - HOR-BRW-025

1998 Drk Bay British Warmblood Stallion, 16H

[Hall Of Fame (TEAR) x Glass House]


Glass is a gorgeous young British Warmblood stallion with a lot of class and talent. He is extremely well bred with his sire being Olympic Gold Medalist, Hall Of Fame (TEAR), and his dam being one of the best British WB mares in the world.


Divina-1988 16.2h Chestnut British WB Mare-Star, 4 Socks-Dynamo x Gravose-Divina is a really pretty mare who has already proven herself as a nice broodmare.  Divina was a supreme champion in Britain.  Her bloodlines go back to

the world reknowned show jumper sires Ladykiller and Gottard.  Strict broodmare, no showing.  Has pic


Fairy Godmother - DB#1186
1996 Grey British Warmblood Mare, 16.2hh
In Go's Name x Mother, Where Art Thou?
"Fairy" is in foal to OAEC A Certain Outcast (TEAR) for a January 2007 foal. The foal is to be named A Certain Spark, and should make a great eventer. And, since I'm leaving the game, once the foal is born, he/she is yours to keep; you don't have to send him/her back after weaning.


Divine Gold-2005 16.1 Liver Chestnut British WB Filly-Dutch Gold(TEAR) x Divina-Born on April 4th at 7:10am-This filly is bred to jump!  She's flashy, and absolutely adorable.


Divine Glass

(Hall of Glass x Divina)

4/8/06 16.1 Chestnut British Warmblood Filly



A Certain Spark-Spark

(OAEC A Certain Outcast (TEAR) x Fairy Godmother)

1/4/07 17h Bay (turning gray) British Warmblood Colt


Born at 1:45 am

On the 3rd Fairy looked really uncomfortable but didn’t indicate that she was going to be foaling any time soon so while we had people on foal patrol we didn’t have a major watch on her.  Our guard said that when he went by at 1:30 am she showed no indication of foaling but when he came back at 2:00 “Spark” was on the ground and he called me down.  Spark is a cute little colt that has a ton of potential as a future stud prospect.  Fairy is doing fine and is somehow keeping up with Spark, who is running around like a maniac whenever he gets a chance.


Divine Hall-Devin

(Hall of Glass x Divina)

3/12/07 16.1 Bay British Warmblood Colt

Eventing/ Jumping

Devin is an outstanding colt.  He is beautiful and is definitely stallion material.  I can’t wait to see him event later on in life.


Something Inspired-Spider

2004 WMT 15.3hh Bay Cleveland Bay

Inpirational (TEAR) x Whitehouse Bere


MCB Blair Morven- HOR-CLB-017- 1999 16hh Bay Cleveland Bay stallion- MCB Ardh Rhi (TEAR) x MCB Arylwren- Pre-Training Event/ Dress Level 2/Pre-Green Jump (TISA)-TCBS #21


SRS Beau Love

(Beaujat x April Love)

2000 16.1 dark bay Cleveland Bay mare

1st Level Dressage, Event


Horse's Name:New York Blues
Horse Name's Number:HOR-DWB-118
Owner's Email:N/A
Breed:Dutch Warmblood
Sire X Dam:Art Deco x Family Life
Coloration:Black, Star, Strip, Snip
Discplines/Prospective Disciplines:Grand Prix Dressage
Registered With (not required):N/A
Any other info about the horse (alliterate here):Yak stands 16.2h. This mare was imported from Germany. She could go on to continue competing, and I'd like her to compete this year. After that, it is up to you whether you want to retire her and breed her.


OAEC Staged Affair - DB#355

1991 Bay Dutch Warmblood Stallion, 16.2hh

Jacobean x An Affair To Remember

CCI* Eventing

"Art" definately has talent, but he is a little 'high maitenence,' in the sense that his rider must always be one step ahead of him. He's an interesting horse, but once you get him figured out, he's amazing. He hasn't really hit his stride in the competition world yet, but with the right rider, he will go far!


Extraordinary Dance-Oddie

(Riverdance (TEAR)[Art Deco] x VP Legend’s Apple Extraordinaire)

1/17/06 16.2 Bay Tobiano Dutch Warmblood Colt


There is something special about this little guy.  He is out of champion lines that scream dressage and we can already tell that he’s going to be a star. 


Dancing Again

2003 16h Bay Tobiano Dutch WB Filly-Star, Stripe, Snip, 4 Stockings-Riverdance(TEAR) x Now And Again

Has pic.  I would love to keep this filly, but dressage is not a major focus of BNDS and we have way too many dressage horses right now.  This filly is almost two, and she has the size and movement to go all the way to grand prix

dressage.  I do not ever want her to compete in anything but dressage!  She has a sweet personality and can be handled by anyone on the ground.  I do not want her shown at all under saddle until she is at least 4.  I will only sell this

filly to the best of homes since she is such a nice prospect.


Mystical Anika

2002 16.3 bay Dutch Warmblood mare-Mystical Enchantment  (PEAR-ELITE) x Ask Me Again- Halter, Eventing, Dres


SRS Olympic Chase

(Olympic Ahorn x Sacha)-2001 17h Dappled Gray Dutch Warmblood Mare


Little Miss Perfect

2002 17h chestnut w/ diamond star & hind socks Dutch Warmblood filly-Mister Clause x Portia-Level 3 Jumper (3’6)


VP Legend's Apple Extraordinaire-"Lady"

2000 16.2 Blood Bay w/ blaze and 3 socks Mare-Champion Legend (TEAR) x Candy Apple (TEAR) –Level 1


Something Spirited-"Rita"

2004 16.3 bay/white pinto Dutch Warmblood Filly-Northern Lights x Spirit To A Tee-Eventing



2004 16.3 bay (graying out) Dutch Warmblood colt

Rohan (Donnerhall* x Hannah II (x *Goldstein)) X Andantina (Andante x Conantina)


I don't know how much you're into WB bloodlines, but Donnerhall is THE stallion in the warmblood world. Donnerhall (RL stallion) is a 1981 Dutch Warmblood (KWPN) and approved Oldenburg, Westphalian, Bavarian WB, Hanoverian, Baden-Wurttemburg, Hessen and Danish Warmblood stallion. He was a perfrect dressage competitor with his rider Karin Rehbein. In 1994 at the world champions in the Hague he was individual bronze with Karina nd team gold for germany. Goldstein, Rohan's grandsire on his mother's side is yet another impressive dresasge horse and sired many many approved sons. Rohan is now making his way into TROT's legend book in the grand prix dressage ring. Andante, sire of Druid's mother is another horse who needs no introduction.


Druid could quite possibly be THE dressage sire of the future. I'm a fan or RL bloodlines, and I think you will find it extremely difficult to find another young horse with such impressive bloodlines. It's very rare to find a stud IN TROT with such awesome RL lines, and it's rare that he is a grandson of a horse in TROT that had a long competitive career and is STILL in TROT (Andante).


Schönheit Blitzes- 1950 ------HOR-GWB-020

Blitzkreig(Blitz x Athena)x Whare Schoneit

2002 16h Bay Tobiano German Warmblood Mare

Entry Level Eventing


SomeKindaWonderful - DB#889

2006 Black Hanoverian Colt, 17.1hh (wmt)

Wonderful x Hopes Are High

Eventing Prospect

"King" is so beautiful! He could be gelded if you like. This colt is one of the few 2006 foals to already be qualified for the Young Eventer Championships! He'll definately make a great eventer when he's old enough.




(VP Haute Nikolas x Digg It)

2/21/07 15.1 Bay (graying out) Lipizzaner Filly


Hallie is a really shy filly and is always by Digg It.  She spends hours just hiding behind her mom but when they trot she has a beautiful trot.  I can’t wait to see her under saddle when she turns 3.


HauteNikole II-Mirage

(Mr. Piper’s Royal Mirage x VP Haute Nikole)

1/13/06 15.2 black (graying out) Lipizzaner Filly


Mirage is a pretty little girl that is a primedonna.  She loves showing off and trots around the pasture with a nice flowing trot showing off her movements.


Pluto Imperea-1999 16.2 Gray Lipizzan Mare-Pluto III Canada x Imperea


Siglavy Aphina-1999 15.3 Gray Lipizzan Mare- Siglavy Angelica II-I x Seraphina


Maestoso Bellasaria-2000 16.1 Gray Lipizzan Mare-Maestoso II Favoressa III x Bellasaria


Whos Cheatin Who

2000 Lipizzaner Mare, 15hh, white, cheater x digg it

Level 1 Dressage


VP Haute Nikolas-Nick

1994 15.2 Light Gray Lipizzaner Stallion-(unknown) x (unknown)

Grand Prix


VP Haute Nikole-Chirsty

1994 15.1 Light Gray Lipizzaner Mare-(unknown) x (unknown)

Grand Prix Dressage


Digg It-1996 white 15hh lipizzaner mare-broodmare


Diggin You-(Siglavy x Digg It)

June 1st, 2004 15.3 Black Lipizzaner Colt

Name of Horse:Advance To Mississippi

TROT Horse Number:HOR-LUS-043

YOB:May 7, 2004 at 10:55pm

Sire X Dam:Ghost Of Mississippi x Advance To Redwall

Coloration:Black going gray



Disciplines/ Prospective Disciplines  ressage

Other Notes:This filly is built like the classic Lusitano. She should mature around 15.3h. Her bloodlines go directly to bull fighters down in South America. I would love to keep this pretty youngster, but I have way too many dressage horses and I've decided to keep her half sister. This filly is to only compete in dressage, nothing else! She is not to be ridden until she is 4 or 5. This filly's father is currently competing Intermediare and soon to move into Grand Prix level, and I have no doubts she can't do the same eventually.


Love's Sweet Song

Songbird x Lover's Leap -1990 15.2h Cremello Lusitano Mare

Int. II Dressage


Spanish Sonata

An Olde Spanish Tune x Spanish Seniorita-2002 15.3h Gray Lusitano Filly

Intro Dressage


To My Astonishment

Number: HOR-LUS-022

Barn Name: “Astro”

YOB: 1998

Sire x Dam: Star Performance x Djea Muur

Breed / Gender: Lusitano / stallion

Color / Markings: dark dapple gray

Height: 15.2 hh

Discipline: Entry Event (Dress L2/Jump (2'6")/Tr XC)/Hunt (2'6")


Love’s Sweet Astonishment-Sweetness

(To My Astonishment x Love’s Sweet Song)

3/13/07 15.2 Bay (turning gray) Lusitano Filly



Commanding Presence

1996 15.3h Bay Tobiano Pintabian Stallion-Star, Snip, 4 Stockings-Epic Era x Presence of Greatness-Grand Prix Dressage, CCI*


SRS Stained Legacy-Twisted Legacy x SP Stained Glass-February 23rd, 2004 15.3 Chestnut Pintabian Colt


The Purtiest Patches

2001 16.2h Bay Tobiano Pintabian Gelding-Star, 4 Stockings-Commanding Presence x Ruby Painted Patches-Event


Rebellious Games - DB#1180

2005 Dapple Grey Selle Francais Gelding, 17hh

Broadway's Rebellion x Morgaine La Fey

Eventing Prospect

"Leo"'s daddy is a very successful eventer, and this gelding is likely to follow in his footsteps! He is, however, a bit of a fireball and should not be handled be beginners. "Leo" is qualified for the Young Eventer Championships, and could be registered with the TGIR!


Name of Horse: Rebellious Agenda

TROT Horse Number:

YOB: 2005

Sire X Dam: Broadway's Rebellion x Joan Of Arc

Coloration: liver chestnut with a star and a LH pastern

Breed: Selle Francais

Gender: filly

Disciplines/ Prospective Disciplines: Eventing or jumper prospect



Night On Broadway- 2002-Broadways's Rebellion x Rath-Cheannaigh- 2002 17.1 bay w/ star & 4 socks Selle Francais filly- Dressage and/or eventing prospect


Rebellious Forces- Broadway's Rebellion x Foircheillan-03 16.3 dapple gray,bold face, 4 stockings Selle Francais Colt-Dressage and/or eventing prospect


Octobre Jouissance- Octobre Apollo x Joan Of Arc-2003 16.2 Liver Chestnut w/ snip Selle Francais filly-Eventing


Horse's Name:Red Sun Over Japan
Horse Name's Number:HOR-SWB-007
Owner's Email:N/A
Breed:Swedish Warmblood
Sire X Dam:L.A. Baltic Sun x World War Three
Discplines/Prospective Disciplines:Grand Prix Dressage
Registered With (not required):N/A
Any other info about the horse (alliterate here):Jap stands 15.3h. She may be small, but she can move big, and she's a great dressage horse, ready to win Grand Prix level! She is not to be retried to brood for at least two years.



O're The Mountains

Feat Of The Mountain X Light Flight

1995 Black Trakehner Mare, 16HH.

CCI** Eventing.

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