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The awards that have been earned by different horses.

ROMS Earned-

A Sunny Kiger-Adult Goat Tying

A Sunny Kiger-Adult Barrel Racing

A Sunny Kiger-Open Cutting

A Sunny Kiger-Adult Pole Bending

Amanda King-Adult Goat Tying

Amanda King-Adult Pole Bending

Amanda King-Open Barrel Racing

Amanda King-Open Cutting

Amazing Skip-Adult Pole Bending

Amazing Skip-Open Cutting

Amazing Skip-Open Ribbon Roping

Amazing Skip-Open Barrel Racing

Amazing Summer-Open Barrel Racing

Amazing Summer-Open Cutting

Amazing Summer-Open Ribbon Roping

Badger’s Bar-Open Cutting

Badger’s Bar-Open Ribbon Roping

Been There Dun It-Junior Pole Bending

Been There Dun It-Open Cutting

Been There Dun It-Open Ribbon Roping

Been There Dun It-Junior Barrel Racing

Been There Dun It-Junior Breakaway Roping

Bestskipabar-Junior Barrel Racing

Bestskipabar-Open Barrel Racing

Bestskipabar-Open Ribbon Roping

Bestskipabar-Junior Goat Tying

Bob’s War-Pee-Wee Pole Bending

Boston-Adult Pole Bending

Boston-Adult Barrel Racing

Boston-Open Cutting

Boston-Open Barrel Racing

Cash N’ Soul-Adult Pole Bending

Chocolat Eclaire-Open Cutting

Chocolat Eclaire-Junior Breakaway Roping

Choctaw Autumn-Junior Barrel Racing

Choctaw Autumn-Open Barrel Racing

Choctaw Autumn-Open Cutting

Choctaw Autumn-Open Ribbon Roping

Classic Wranglers-Open Barrel Racing

Classic Wranglers-Open Cutting

Classic Wranglers-Open Ribbon Roping

Classy Kinda Scotch-Junior Barrel Racing

Classy Kinda Scotch-Junior Goat Tying

Classy Kinda Scotch-Open Ribbon Roping

Classy Kinda Scotch-Open Barrel Racing

Clearly Quixote-Junior Calf Roping

Clearly Quixote-Junior Breakaway Roping

Clearly Quixote-Open Cutting

Colonel Chex-Junior Pole Bending

Colonel Chex-Junior Breakaway Roping

Colonel Chex-Open Barrel Racing

Colonel Chex-Open Cutting

Colorado Skies-Junior Goat Tying

Colorado Skies- Junior Pole Bending

Colorado Skies-Open Cutting

Cowboys Like Us-Open Cutting

Cowboys Like Us-Open Ribbon Roping

Cowboys Like Us-Open Barrel Racing

Cry of Glory-Adult Goat Tying

Cry of Glory-Adult Pole Bending

Cry of Glory-Open Barrel Racing

Cry of Glory-Open Cutting

Cry of Glory-Adult Barrel Racing

Cry of Glory-Open Ribbon Roping

Dancing N Satin-Adult Barrel Racing

Dancing N Satin-Adult Pole Bending

Dead Ringer-Adult Pole Bending

Dead Ringer-Adult Barrel Racing

Dolls Action-Open Cutting

Dolls Action-Open Ribbon Roping

Down Home Bully-Adult Pole Bending

Dundy Trail-Junior Breakaway Roping

Dundy Trail-Junior Calf-Roping

Dundy Trail-Open Ribbon Roping

Dunn It With Glory-Open Ribbon Roping

Dunn With Cream-Open Barrel Racing

Dusty Follower-Open Ribbon Roping

Easy Love-Junior Pole Bending

Freedom Rings-Adult Pole Bending

Fearless Dotty-Open Barrel Racing

Fearless Dotty-Adult Barrel Racing

First Down Dixie-Open Barrel Racing

Flash Dazzle N Go-Junior Pole Bending

Flash Dazzle N Go-Junior Barrel Racing

Gatorade-Adult Pole Bending

Gatorade-Open Ribbon Roping

Gatorade-Open Cutting

Gonna Get Spotted-Junior Barrel Racing

Gonna Get Spotted-Junior Pole Bending

Gonna Get Spotted-Open Cutting

Here For The Party-Pee-Wee Dummy Roping

Here For The Party-Pee-Wee Single Barrel Race

Hollywood Ray-Junior Pole Bending

Hollywood Ray-Open Barrel Racing

Hollywood Ray-Open Cutting

Hollywood Ray-Open Ribbon Roping

Houston Jet-Adult Barrel Racing

Houston Jet-Adult Pole Bending

HSR Dreamlover-Open Cutting

I Impress The Class (PEAR) -Open Ribbon Roping

I Impress The Class (PEAR)-Adult Pole Bending

I Impress The Class (PEAR) -Adult Barrel Racing

I’ll Be Stylish- Pee-Wee Goat Heeling

ILBee A Magic Memory-Adult Pole Bending

ILBee A Magic Memory-Adult Barrel Racing

Jacko-Open Ribbon Roping

Joey’s Wonderful-Junior Calf-Roping

Joey’s Wonderful-Junior Breakaway Roping

Joey’s Wonderful-Open Cutting

Joey’s Wonderful-Open Ribbon Roping

Johnny Cowboy-Adult Pole Bending

Johnny Cowboy-Open Cutting

Johnny Cowboy-Open Ribbon Roping

Johnny Cowboy-Open Barrel Racing

Kiss Me Quick-Open Cutting

Kiger In The Myst-Adult Breakaway Roping

Kiger In The Myst-Adult Pole Bending

Kiger In The Myst-Open Cutting

Lena’s Bita Mischief-Open Ribbon Roping

Magical Me-Open Ribbon Roping

Magical Me-Pee-Wee Single Barrel Race

Magical Me-Junior Breakaway Roping

Mischievous Fun-Junior Calf Roping

Mischievous Fun-Open Ribbon Roping

Mischievous Fun-Open Barrel Racing

Ms Tashina-Junior Breakaway Roping

Ms Tashina-Junior Pole Bending

Ms Tashina-Open Barrel Racing

Ms Tashina-Open Ribbon Roping

Ms Tashina-Pee-Wee Single Barrel Race

Ms Tashina-Open Cutting

Mito Bito Magic-Open Ribbon Roping

Magic O’Lee-Open Cutting

Night Ryder-Adult Pole Bending

Night Ryder-Open Cutting

Night Ryder-Adult Barrel Racing

Night Ryder-Open Ribbon Roping

NSF Already Skipped-Junior Breakaway Roping

NSF Already Skipped-Junior Pole Bending

NSF Already Skipped-Open Barrel Racing

NSF Already Skipped-Open Ribbon Roping

NSF Already Skipped-Junior Barrel Racing

On The Money Perk-Adult Pole Bending

OA Golden Victory-Open Barrel Racing

Odin’s Fury-Junior Pole Bending

Odin’s Fury-Open Cutting

Odin’s Fury-Open Barrel Racing

Over The Limit-Open Barrel Racing

Playboy Check-Adult Pole Bending

Playboy Check-Adult Goat Tying

Playboy Check-Open Ribbon Roping

Playboy Check-Open Barrel Racing

Rey de los Pampas-Adult Calf Roping

Rey de los Pampas-Open Barrel Racing

Rey de los Pampas-Open Cutting

Rey de los Pampas-Adult Pole Bending

Scrabbled Tournament-Adult Pole Bending

Scrabbled Tournament-Open Cutting

Scrabbled Tournament-Open Barrel Racing

Sheerwater’s Elegance-Junior Barrel Racing

Sheerwater’s Elegance-Junior Pole Bending

Sheerwater’s Elegance-Open Cutting

Sheerwater’s Elegance-Open Ribbon Roping

Sheerwater’s Elegance-Junior Breakaway Roping

Sheerwater’s Iron Maiden-Adult Barrel Racing

Sheerwater’s Iron Maiden-Adult Pole Bending

Sheerwater’s Iron Maiden-Open Cutting

Sheerwater’s Miraculous Will-Open Cutting

Sheerwater’s Miraculous Will-Open Ribbon Roping

Sheerwater’s Willful Elegance-Adult Pole Bending

Sheerwater’s Willful Elegance-Adult Calf Roping

Sheerwater’s Willful Elegance-Open Cutting

Sheerwater’s Miracle Maiden-Junior Pole Bending

Sheerwater’s Miracle Maiden-Junior Barrel Racing

Sheerwater’s Miracle Maiden-Junior Breakaway Roping

Sheerwater’s Miracle Maiden-Open Ribbon Roping

Sheerwater’s Miracle Maiden-Open Cutting

Sheerwater’s Miracle Maiden-Open Barrel Racing

Silverado Ghost-Open Cutting

Silverado Ghost-Open Ribbon Roping

Silverado Ghost-Open Barrel Racing

Slick Chick-Adult Goat Tying

Slick Chick-Adult Pole Bending

Slick Chick-Open Barrel Racing

Snicker’s Black Star-Pee-Wee Single Barrel Race

Special Way-Adult Pole Bending

Special Way-Open Cutting

SRS Dual Jewel-Adult Calf Roping

SRS Dual Jewel-Adult Pole Bending

SRS Dual Jewel-Open Barrel Racing

SRS Dual Jewel-Open Ribbon Roping

SRS Forgive And Forget-Pee-Wee Pole Bending

SRS Forgiving Heart- Pee-Wee Dummy Roping

SRS Lacy’s Spark-Adult Pole Bending

SRS Lacy’s Spark-Open Ribbon Roping

SRS Lacy's Spark-Open Barrel Racing

SRS Lacy’s Spark-Adult Calf Roping

SRS Travalena’s Oak-Adult Pole Bending

SRS Travalena’s Oak-Open Ribbon Roping

SRS Travalena's Oak-Open Barrel Racing

SRS Travalena’s Oak-Adult Calf Roping

SRS Turn On A Dime-Adult Goat Tying

SRS Turn On A Dime-Adult Barrel Racing

SRS Turn On A Dime-Adult Breakaway Roping

SRS Turn On A Dime-Adult Pole Bending

SRS Turn On A Dime-Open Barrel Racing

SRS Turn On A Dime-Open Cutting

SRS Turn On A Dime-Open Ribbon Roping

Starpasser's Buttercup-Open Barrel Racing

Starpasser’s Buttercup-Adult Pole Bending

Starpasser’s Buttercup-Open Cutting

Sudden Death- Adult Pole Bending

Sudden Death-Adult Calf Roping

Sudden Death-Open Barrel Racing

Starkissed Gazer-Junior Calf Roping

The Next Great Zip-Open Barrel Racing

The Next Great Zip-Open Ribbon Roping

Wap em My Way-Junior Barrel Racing

Wap em My Way-Open Barrel Racing

Wap em My Way-Junior Breakaway Roping

Whiskey Girl-Open Cutting

Zippos Gold Patzi-Adult Barrel Racing

Zippos Gold Patzi-Adult Goat Tying

Zippos Gold Patzi-Open Barrel Racing

Zippos Gold Patzi-Open Ribbon Roping

Zip’s Charismatic Son-Open Ribbon Roping

Zip's Charismatic Son-Open Barrel Racing

Zip’s Charismatic Son-Adult Pole Bending

Zip’s Charismatic Son-Open Cutting



A Sunny Kiger

Amanda King

Amazing Skip

Been There Dun It



Choctaw Autumn

Classy Kinda Scotch

Colonel Chex

Cry Of Glory

Hollywood Ray

Joey’s Wonderful

Johnny Cowboy

Ms Tashina

Night Ryder

NSF Already Skipped

Playboy Check

Rey de los Pampas

Sheerwater’s Elegance

Sheerwater’s Miracle Maiden

SRS Dual Jewel

SRS Lacy’s Spark

SRS Travalena’s Oak

Zip’s Charismatic Son

Zippos Gold Patzi



Been There Dun It

Cry Of Glory

Ms Tashina

NSF Already Skipped

Sheerwater’s Elegance

Sheerwater’s Miracle Maiden



Cry Of Glory

Ms Tashina

Sheerwater’s Miracle Maiden



SRS Turn On A Dime

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Melissa Mae-
This is all part of a SIM game called TROT (, none of this is real!