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Welcome to our web site!

In 2004 the TROT Rodeo Circuit Association was taken over by its present president Melissa Mae.  With the change in ownership, a few changes occured in the association also.  Today the TRCA hosts over 10 shows a year all around the country, ended with the biggest rodeo of them all the TROT National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas, Nevada where the 15 top horses in each event compete for the title of WORLD CHAMPION.  The road is hard, but 18 lucky horse/rider combos will leave Las Vegas with the bragging rights of a World Champion.

The TROT Rodeo Circuit Association isn't your ordinary rodeo association.  From Pee-Wees to adults each division is tough.  If the horse and rider aren't on the top of their game they won't succeed.  However, the TRCA also is a family friendly association where each rider would gladly help anyone out. 

Each month the crowd roars no matter who is running.  It can be a first time rider or a multiple world champion, everyone gets the same treatment. 

A picture of this month's Top Horse Ms Tashina of Sunset Ridge Stable (to have your horse shown here, send a picture and name to

Every horse and rider is a winner in the TRCA.

You can e-mail us at:

Melissa Mae-
This is all part of a SIM game called TROT (, none of this is real!